Power Saver


A collection of nodes to Node-RED that automates saving money on variable electricity prices

Guide Nodes Examples

Automatic scheduling

Automatically calculate best plan and send signal to turn on and off.

Best Save Strategy

Postpone power consumption when there is most to save, perfect for the water heater.

Lowest Price Strategy

Turn on power when the prices are the lowest, perfect for smart charging or heating.

Add variable grid tariff

Automatically add values that varies on fixed hours, or use API to get grid tariff from Elvia.

Perfect with Home Assistant

Use Home Assistant with Node-RED and control switches via service calls.

Tibber and Nord Pool

Painlessly use prices received from Tibber or Nord Pool.

This is a collection of nodes for the popular Node-REDopen in new window that you can use to save money on variable electricity prices. Node-RED is a widely used low-code programming tool that can be used together with many smart home solutions to create automations.